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Who we are

We curate a full schedule of extra-curricular activities and tailor-made enrichment programmes and as experts in school sports management and facility rentals, we coordinate with other key providers across venues in the Emirates. 

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Our Mission

We are proudly partnered with Sportz Village and their mission to build the largest youth sports platform in the world, inspiring millions of children to get active. Led by some of the most qualified and experienced coaches in the region, our core purpose is to ensure sport can be accessed and enjoyed by all young people across the UAE.

We believe that the opportunities sport can provide to improve, empower, and enhance young people’s lives are infinite. That’s why we are not just proud of what we do, we are absolutely passionate about it.

Established in 2003, Sportz Village’s philosophy is pillared on improving the health and fitness of children and getting everyone to experience the magic of sports. Sportz Village has four specialised verticals under its umbrella that cater as sports enabling platforms through the stages of a kid’s development.


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